Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1.0.1 the slangs.

If I don’t describe you the slangs, the story may taste like a vegetable without spices. Slangs or little abuses which slowly entered between us but very soon become integral part of our day to day talks. Even the one who claimed to be the most sophisticated and neat (tamseel and sharad) could not escape for long and had started using slangs in some forms. Hinglish profusely blended with typical Bundelkhandi language was giving a different color to our tongues.

There were different slangs for different situation. Like, if anyone is not interested in arguing then he might use ‘to tum choos kyu nahi lete’ to divert the topic into foolishly thrown jokes or if sometimes anyone is having contrasting view but nobody is listening to him. Poor guy to prove his worthiness in between the heated debate suddenly jumped from somewhere and uttered ghantaaaaaa (don’t ask me what exactly means ghantaaa, as most of you can imagine).

oooo bhains’ (buffalo) was mainly used for exclamatory remarks mostly commenting on chicks with wide open eyes and mouth. ‘Lo salla’ was also used for some exclamatory remarks but with different sense.

Then there were some personal favourites slangs also existed in C-63. For Sanjeev it was always ‘meri to J****t sulag gayi’ or ‘saale tum chutiyapa mat karo’ with eyes (always) ready to argue.

Then there was a magician who co-existed among SA(I)NTS. Atish - the magic man will remain a mystery for rest of the SA(I)NTS that how this magician developed amazing series of slangs. This guy, the inventor of ‘lo salla’ and “to tum choos kyu nhi lete” had an in-depth knowledge of how to utilize the slangs to make it rhythmic and more interesting.
His preparation of slangs were very simple - take some common words, properly garnishes them into typical Bundelkhandi, get the spices from Mani’s mind (who considered Atish as his mentor), cook everything and finally served before rest of the SA(I)NTS ………..guys try this as he is delivering a lavish cuisine from a renowned hotel.
I still remember that how did he wrongly pronounce the name of one of our classmate whose first letter was silent (e.g. - kshipra). His visionary imagination had completely changed the meaning of the name and the name which this magician had given her was out of the planet. All the inmates were completely agreed that if you want to do something in the field of slangology then do an internship under Mr. Atish.

Magician was also very popular for his innocent smelly parodies. The infamous - potty mix. Dont mind but the word potty has been taken from toilet (please, please, please don’t put your hand on your nose…..its fact yarrrr). He had his theory that the calm, cool, vestal and matured atmosphere of bathroom helped him in increasing his imagination power and making some potty tunes…… wonder this great man (in his own sense) had developed (and is still doing) so many parodies /tunes on that.

Chutiyapa mat karo, hato bey, were the holy words for Nitesh. For him, these words were hymn as he used to get up late after a long snoring sleep and started the day with these holy lines. Sometimes “ghantagiri dikhaoge” also. Only heaven knows what exactly means ghantagiri..!!

Tamseel’s favourite was “bhaiya hum to aise he hein”. He was mainly famous for his pure clean language and it was fun to hear some nonsense word from his mouth. Most of the times he was lost into his urdu poetries and cricket.

Sharad who was considered a baccha initially abstained from using these slangs but he too could not remain untouched for long. He brought hyderabadi flavors to these slangs and later become an active student of the slangology and used all these slangs in the day to day conversation.

One very interesting word which was introduced by Mani and the most common used slang for a chick was “Tapaal hai”. This was only used when the chick was exceptionally good looking and a guy has to describe her in minimum fuss but with full intensity and depth. Tapaal hai was the exact description for that. And this slang very soon became popular among other classmates also.


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hail Sa(i)nts..

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@chanz: yea... u know about most of the stories.

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That was cool stuff dude!!
Friends do share such slangs..
Ab kya "Jhunjhuna Hilaun Saala"

Loved it..



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@ nuts: m not surprised that u liked... u had no choice. :P


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