Tuesday, March 9, 2010

s a ( i ) n t s

1.0.0 - Introduction

the name s a ( i ) n t s

probably one of the first question that can crop up in one`s mind. well the name of this blog has been derived from the first alphabets of the of the following five people –

- s anjiv

- a tish

- n itesh

- t amseel &

- s harad

the above also happen to be the occupants of the 1st floor of C 63 - a house in the quite upmarket area of G.

why s a ( i ) n t s

i start with a blog dedicated to the life that we five had during our graduation. those three years are probably the most exciting ones till now. studying T in one of the most beautiful campuses around. To describe it in short was fun, fun & fun. many people described it as a resort - lush green lawns, huge building(s), a canteen with nothing in it except for some tables, chairs & ya the terrible food that you get there, lecturers who hardly knew what they were teaching, except for mrs. Ritu Sapra who was my personal favourite because whatever little she taught gave atleast an iota of sense to me, and yes you got the typical sarkari feel once you were in the campus.

the other has-to-be things that co existed around a campus like this were an aatma of a girl - who was apparently raped & murdered some years back, snakes, wide range of rumors, the regular stuff of love affairs, break ups, people managing attendances, internal marks & the other things that let them bunk classes and still pass, red tapism for the minutest of things. whatever they were, they all this contributed to the phenomenon called fun.

who are they

a bunch of five asses living out in a small town somewhere in central india. they`re basically trying to study something that usually raises eyebrows of the people listening - well if you want to know what, then it was or rather it is about the buzz word called T.

they live out quite a life. sanjiv who is mostly after girls (remember sunita here) - makeup, his hair style, mobile(s), billiards, confusing looks, telling tales of how he once kicked a dog or how he managed to fool a police patrol & some maggi. atish who is into nonsense talks - bukchodi as it was called, his boxer shorts, making so called girl friends, biking around, mentoring mani, opposite talks & everything which was not concerning him - poking his nose around. nitesh - the man behind the alloo mania - the most cooked vegetable in the house, sleeping, snoring, carom, singing, increasing income levels of airtel, an occasional cigarette and at some point later on in girls. tamseel - the most studios of them all was into books, cricket samrat - a local cricket magazine in hindi, quiz competitions, singing ( still remember his performance of fresher’s eve), an old radio, his bald head, old songs and internet chatting with babes of the outer world. sharad- an unusually thin guy, mostly into lying on his bed, keeping his things neat & clean, billiards, food lover, thin, reading newspapers/magazines instead of course books, sourcing notes from everywhere possible just before exams, saying lines like "bookish knowledge is of no use" and someone who had opposed to moving out of the college hostel (a shitty suffocating place to be), but later realised it was a terrible idea. at this point let me also bring in picture the another interesting character called mani – the landlord's son. no, not the typical tough, why-when-how sought of character, but a very easy going, helpful, friendly person who use to spend most of time at our place (even if everyone was out) talking to his numerous so-called girl friends. actually he sourced their number from his local friends and made anonymous calls until they were friends - well a not so easy way of making friends till you actually try it, atleast for mani. the other things that he indulged in was maintaining his old tata sierra, his bike, asking us to bring good food (especially snacks) whenever we went out, exchanging / borrowing clothes from atish & never returning it, and doing everything that can be called non sense - to be simple i call him a true pain in the ass.


Sorcerer said...

haha..thanks for the introductions..
really nice.

let mayhem prevail

@ease said...

@ sorcerer: thanx buddy. will try ma best to do justice with this story. :D keep visiting.

Nipun said...

Awesome dude!!
u reminded me of my good old days at hostel..
We used to make same groups..
The NAAD grp..
The D-Wings..
All that Bakchodi was just amazing.



@ease said...

@ Mr mittal: yea bro... Those wer d most bakchod days of our life..!! Lukkhagiri karke tympass karte thhe.. And we din realise its importance then...but nw we miss those jokes.