Sunday, May 16, 2010

year one - O3O4

1.1.0 - T-Initial

...and we settled in that gloomy old HO-S-TEL building in R. we mingled out for a couple of days talking of what we were, what qualities we had, what schools/colleges we were from etc. this helped us remove the initial hiccups that one has when we are new to a place. no sooner we were hanging out in the nearby cafeteria, talking, discussing about classes, making fun of the profs and even playing games like antakshari, truth or dare, playing the tunes on guitar etc.

Ours was a cool batch of 62 idiots, all from different states of the country. The male-female composition was equal so everybody had equal opportunity (wink).  As the classes began, we gradually developed interest in everything apart from our course curriculum. Some of the early birds which occupied most of our time were habits like sharing suttas after the classes, biking, alcohol, chit-chats with gals and asking them out for a date etc. By that time almost 15 days had passed, and here came the 1st group outing. It was patrol's birthday party... 

Varun oberoi a.k.a. chodad, patrol etc. was the only classmate having a bike and most of the guys borrowed his enticer for some or other reason. He was our official local carrier for next 3 yrs. and today was his day. Patrol had organised a dinner at the world famous thou local restaurant Mascot.  and here began the game. Everybody was dressed to kill...and hit the bull's eye. Amrita, Sonia, Apoorva and Naila were accompanied by Saahil, Tewary and Atish along with some of the localites like Dinkar, Ashu, Kunal and Deepak. The bash begun (we still cherish the dinner esp. the butter chicken) and this event sparked the sessions of proposals and break-off for next 3 yrs. This was the 1st outing in a group of almost 8-10 people and everybody enjoyed throughly. By the time, dinner was finished, It was already time for gals to be back in the hostel (as per our seniors ragging-guidelines) and Gals were rushed bak to hostel while the lukkhas stayed back for alcohal.

And then we got updated with the gal-gossip that Sonia had a soft corner for Patrol, but patrol's best friend Dinkar had a crush on Sonia. While, Patrol was eying  another gal Saumya (who had a crush on another guy..) ...Amrita was trying to lure Tewary but Saahil and Tewary were after Naila.... ufff...!! Atish and Apoorva were the audiences watching this race and still confused.

Next morning was even more interesting. As everybody reached to attend classes, one could see the commitments among the couple. Amrita had started dating Tewary and Sonia was after patrol. So many love birds had started flying in pair. Many were still trying their luck on others.

And now, everybody had got a formula to attract the opposite. The local excursion was the next outing where one could take a gal out of the campus and talk out things. Still 2 weeks to go.

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2 weeks.. what happens next, huh..??